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BTR Extra Thick Hydration Bladder, 2 LItres Capacity

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This high-quality hydration water pack bladder by BTR is ideal for activities such as cycling, running, hiking, walking, and more. This hydration pack has a 2-litre capacity, and clips quickly and easily into almost backpack designed to carry water bladders, making it a convenient addition to your outdoor activities and allowing you to stay hydrated even away from home.

Included with the water hydration bladder is a 1 metre long hose with an easy-to-use on/off tap at the mouth end. The hose can quickly be attached or removed by screwing it into the water bladder, and is designed to work perfectly with the BTR water hydration bladder cleaning kit


  • Hydration bladder: L 40cm x W 17cm
  • Hose: 1m (length)
  • Water capacity: 2 litres



With Cleaning Kit